Foxconn Confirms Third Fatality

Three people have succumbed to their injuries, while nine more are still battling for life.

In the explosion that ripped through the Foxconn high tech plant that manufactures Apple iPads, it has been confirmed that one more person is dead. Foxconn says that the investigations were still underway and the initial findings suggest that the accident was caused by an explosion of combustible dust in a duct.

Foxconn Confirms Third Fatality

Foxconn confirms third fatality at the plant


In a statement released by Foxconn to tech website All Things D, Foxconn confirms that a third employee has succumbed to injuries sustained in the explosion at one of their polishing workshops. Fifteen of their other employees were injured in the accident, with six of them being treated and subsequently released from the hospital. Foxconn said that they were co-operating fully with all relevant government bodies to carry out a full investigation into the specific root cause of the accident and the company is taking all necessary actions to ensure the safety of employees at this and all other production facilities. For the moment, all production has been suspended at the affected workshop.

They also said that other workshops that carry out similar processing functions have also been halted pending the results of the investigation into the cause of the accident. They concluded by saying that they would provide updates on the tragic accident when information becomes available.


Source: All Things D

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