Follow Tech2 Live at Anonymous' Mumbai protests

Tech2 is at Azad Maidan, in Mumbai, where the protests are scheduled to begin shortly. Stay tuned to Tech2 as we bring to you the protests, as they unfold.

In some time from now, popular hacktivist group, Anonymous will begin their Mumbai leg of the nationwide protests against Internet censorship. Tech2 is at Azad Maidan, in Mumbai, where the protests are scheduled to begin shortly. For those of who stuck in offices, or have chosen to remain indoors, stay tuned to Tech2 as we bring to you the protests LIVE, as it unfolds. You can catch us live at the event through twitter@tech2eets. You can follow the tweets using this hashtag - #OpIndia or keep refreshing this page as we bring you all the action right here in this story itself.


3:23pm Today, we are protesting against Internet censorship in India. Sites being unjustly taken down is against Internet freedom #OpIndia

3:24pm  Today's protest is completely non violent in principle. Any trouble makers get handed over to the cops #OpIndia


3:27pm The venue for this protest was going to be the Gateway. While that would have been a prettier protest Azad Maidan says it better #OpIndia


3:49pm So how will a leaderless organisation lead a protest? Right now it's kinda loosey goosey #OpIndia


3:58pm Look who's joining our protest!

Follow Tech2 Live at Anonymous' Mumbai protests

More slogans



4:14pm We have some lovely ladies in masks and messages too #OpIndia



4:17pm Protesters in numbers.

4:19pm Protestors with the high court behind them. Symbolism! #OpIndia


4:27pm "save our laws, save our rights. Tomorrow they'll shut internet down, what will we do? They'll take away every single right" #OpIndia


4:29pm "the same guy watching porn in Parliament is the same guy shutting down our Internet" #OpIndia

4:33pm Future hacktivist in the making #OpIndia

Apple fans and alike are in

Apple fans and alike are in


4:37pm The Internet is the tool f the people. Do you really want your government to have control of it? 

4:38pm "Even after downloading from The Pirate Bay, we still buy what we like"

4:39pm "Developers will make money if they make their games free to play. If games cost, people will hack it and pirate it"

4:40pm "A lot of genuine downloads are available on resources like BitTorrent which is a reliable content delivery system"


Everyone wants freedom

Everyone wants freedom


4:43pm "The gov wants to make India another China. They can't take care of 30k government employees they want to censor 1.5 Bln people's Internet"

4:45pm "if the gov doesn't want piracy, why don't they just remove pirated content. You have 1 bad apple in a bushel, you throw away the whole box?


"The gov has to make sure people's IP is protected. Keep the Internet free, penalise offenders"  

Hands off GOVT!!!!

Hands off GOVT!!!!


4:46pm "if you just share an original version that's not piracy. If you change the content, that's piracy"

4:47pm "musicians lose money because of record companies. Not because people are downloading"

4:48pm "record companies and studios need to think of a new way to monetize. People who share files aren't making money off it"
"Not only sharing sites, the gov is putting pressure on Facebook and google where people might say bad things about the gov"

4:50pm "Defacing sites only gets attention. But that's what we need"

No slogans for me, just supporting the cause

No slogans for me, just supporting the cause

4:51pm "Most of us our students. That's cos no one knows about Anonymous. Tomorrow they'll know"
4:55pm The police are calm. "After Anna Hazare, we're a calmer protest"
"Twitter was our best way of getting the message out. It contains the most Internet mature audience"  

5:00pm  "tomorrow morning we want to see the IT act repealed and sites that were blocked to be unblocked"

5:01pm "This is the beginning of an Indian SOPA"  

"The media has been ignoring us. Now we will make them see us" 

5:06pm "None of us here are hackers. Anonymous is now moving all over India. This is just a start"




We're no hackers, we're just here for a good cause

We're no hackers, we're just here for a good cause

5:07pm "We support the Jan lokpal bill"  

5:08pm People are comparing the Anonymous protest to Anna Hazare's protest. Anonymous says, "it's different issues. He started small too" 

5:09pm "we can access sites via a proxy. The gov does not know what they're doing"

"I support Anonymous but I didn't come here to spout any messages"

5:18pm Farmers thank Anonymous for taking down Monsanto

The Internet is free but you have to buy a mask. For Rs. 200!

Uh ho it's the fuzz

Uh ho it's the fuzz


He went to the police to request the Gateway of India but was denied. They allowed him Azad Maidan to protest

Police commissioner says the police are here to protect the protest not monitor it. Azad Maidan was built for protests

5:38pm Alright, that's it from Azad Maidan. It's mostly just photo ops now. Thanks for tuning in  


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