Five planet line-up not an indicator of doomsday

Yes, it is 2012; the year popularized way before it actually dawned, when it was labeled as the year in which the Mayan ...

Yes, it is 2012 - the year popularized way before it even actually dawned. 2012 was labeled as the year in which the Mayan calendar would end, in other words, signalling the end of the world; a rumour thrashed by numerous scientists, globally. Now, tomorrow, as we mentioned in one of our earlier reports, is when everyone's bracing themselves to view a spectacle, like never before - seeing the planets align. Beginning from tomorrow, for two weeks, planet gazers will see the dusk sky light up with Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, all lined up.

 Five planet line-up not an indicator of doomsday

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Instances as such become a breeding ground for dangerous assumptions, too, rather quite quickly and this one is no exception. Just when the reports about the five planet line-up went public, reports about a possible doomsday began circulating, too. Those who've already read up on the typical rundown to a doomsday would  have already familiarized themselves with the concept of the planet alignment causing the planets to crash into one another, the magnetic poles going beserk, solar storms, among other things. Not only have scientists thrashed all these rumours, they have also made it clear that tomorrow should just be a beautiful spectacle, and yes! make for a brilliant subject to photographers.


A report in DNA, quoting the director of Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, BS Shylaja stated that, "You can already see Venus and Jupiter near each other in the night sky, but now people will be able to see them in the same field of view, hence making it a good opportunity for photography. On February 25, the Moon will be right below Venus; on February 26, it will actually be right in between Venus and Jupiter; and on February 27, it will go beyond Jupiter." While Prof Siraj Hasan, director, Indian Institute of Astrophysics was quoted as saying, "Planets of our solar system are nearly aligned in the same plane in the sky, though they are at completely different distances from Earth. However, sometimes they will appear in the same region of the night sky as they orbit the sun, giving the impression that the planets are aligned. This is a routine celestial event and has no physical implication, nor will it have any discernible effects on Earth."


Doomsday predictions maybe aplenty, but one certainly needs to be picky about what they believe. Callous rumours, based on hearsay may just go on to create unnecessary circumstances; and ruin a great opportunity. 

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