Do not click: That girl in the pink bikini on your Facebook News Feed is just a spam bot

The latest spam to go viral on Facebook is one with the picture of a woman in a bikini, according to reports.

Spam videos on Facebook usually tend to go viral. You usually have one friend or relative who's clicked on a video and pretty soon that's all you see in your News Feed as nearly everyone on that person's list keeps getting tagged in that video. When that happens you can't help but wonder why are you are Facebook friends with that person in the first place.

The latest spam to go viral on Facebook is a video featuring a picture of a woman in a bikini, according to reports in the Inquirer and

The report says that, the spam video features "a scantily clad woman on a beach with a headline proclaiming, "Look what this girl is wearing on the beach in front of thousands of people!" It has a picture of a woman in a bright pink bikini with the following description, "During the summer holidays, this girl took the opportunity to do something unheard of! I bet no one can do the same." 

What happens once you do click? According to the reports, users are "instantly taken out of the social network to a third-party website that pretends to be Facebook, complete with what appear to be comments from other users."

How to avoid such scam/spam videos? Just don't click on them or even like them. Of course if you do try to watch the video, it will flood the News Feeds of your Facebook friends because it wants you to share the video before you can watch them. According to Inquirer, the whole point of such videos is to drive traffic to scammers' websites, which are usually full of spyware or malware.

In short, no matter how outrageous the tag line of viral video on Facebook is, just don't click on it. Remember, everyone of your friends will get to see it.


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