Facebook users are getting logged out of their accounts and can't log back in

Logged out Facebook users are unable to log back in or even change their passwords for now.

Outages aren't very common when it comes to major social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, that's because these social media giants have teams working around the clock to ensure everything's fine. That said, Facebook is officially down across most countries in Europe and there are several complaints coming in from India as well.

But what does one do when there's an outage on Facebook? Well, blow up on Twitter and that's certainly what the world is up to right now.

Users are stating that they have been logged out of their accounts and being unable to log back in. Business Manager, a tool meant for Facebook's enterprise clients, also seems to be down.

Down detector and Outage.Report, also confirms that Facebook is down, with heat maps suggesting that most of the outage reports are stemming mostly from countries in Europe.

Facebook users are getting logged out of their accounts and cant log back in

Screengrabs from Outage Report (Left) and Down Detector (Right)

Facebook is yet to officially state anything yet and there's no ETA on when you might be able to log back in just yet. We will update this story and keep you updated when that happens.