Facebook tell-all book reveals sexist company attitude, rude emails and more

We earlier saw an excerpt of the tell-all book “Chaos Monkeys: Obscene Fortune and Random Failure in Silicon Valley” by Facebook's ex-employee Antonio García Martínez.

We earlier saw an excerpt of the tell-all book “Chaos Monkeys: Obscene Fortune and Random Failure in Silicon Valley” by Facebook's ex-employee Antonio García Martínez. While we haven't got our hands on the book yet, Gizmodo has put out a report sharing what it calls 'juciest parts' of the book.

Looks like Facebook work culture is synonymous to sexism

We have heard tales of Facebook's sexist culture and here's more. The report points out that the female equivalent of what they called brogrammer was known as hogrammer. "The tech ecosystem and its chroniclers like TechCrunch, forever agonizing about the deplorable state of women in tech, started howling about the corrosive effects of such a culture. (Some internal wags helpfully suggested starting a page for the female version of the brogrammer, 'hogrammers' as they were known, or, more politely, brogrammettes, " Martínez writes in the book.

The report also points out how during a presentation on content filtering, an employee used images of kittens to replace obscene images, and that's probably what they always did. However, it was changed when Sheryl Sandberg intervened. "If there were women on that team, they’d NEVER, EVER choose those photos as demo pics. I think you should change that immediately!," she reportedly said. The book also points out HR executives telling women to dress appropriately so that they don't distract others.

Facebook considered you dead if you quit

As soon as someone quit, Facebook considered them dead. "The tombstone of your Facebook death was a photo posted on Facebook of your weathered and worn corporate ID. It was customary to include a weepy suicide note/self-written epitaph, and the post would garner hundreds of likes and comments inside a minute," writes the ex-employee. However, surprisingly, the book says that people who quit never had anything bad to say about the company.

Not-so-polite emails

Mark Zuckerberg took matters in his hands when an employee supposedly leaked an upcoming feature. In an email he used 'terrifying words' asking that person to resign as he or she had betrayed the company. The email was projected on a screen and read line by line. "The moral of this story, a parable of the prodigal son but with an unforgiving father, was clear: fuck with Facebook and security guards would be hustling you out the door like a rowdy drunk at the late-night Taco Bell," the book adds.

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