Facebook Photos get Facial Recognition Software

Social networking tells you who your friends are.

Have you ever thought it was a pain to tag people on your Facebook photo albums? Well, now you can kick back and let social networking wizardry do all the work for you. Well, most of it anyway. Facebook has just announced that they will be upgrading their Photos section with facial recognition and that the new feature will be called Tag Suggestions. This new feature will automatically suggest users as to who they should tag in their photos. While this may be a cause for concern amongst many people, I’m sure that an equal number of Facebook users will be just as happy.

Facebook Photos get Facial Recognition Software
Facebook knows best?

The mechanics of Tag Suggestions is actually quite simple. The software simply matches new photos with old ones that have already been tagged. It will then give you suggestions, and all you have to do is accept and save the tags. According to Mashable, users in the US will be able to start using Tag Suggestions as early as next week. As usually, there’s no telling when this update will hit India.

Mashable also said that Facebook Vice President of Product Chris Cox told them that “the product utilizes technology that was built in-house, as well as some technology that came from partners”.


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