Facebook lets users view their searches in updated Activity Log

Facebook has rolled out an update to its Activity Log. Now, alongside their Facebook activity, users can view their searches...

Facebook has rolled out an update to its Activity Log. Now alongside their Facebook activity, users can view their searches made on the social network in the log. The Activity Log on Facebook, as its name suggests, tracks a user’s activity on the site and has it promptly listed down. The log is only visible to the user and that goes for the searches feature. Users can delete searches by making appropriate selections on the inline control on the Activity Log. 


In an official post, Facebook adds that users will receive the update in a few weeks. To access it, users will have to go to the top of their profile, and then go to Search from the activity sorter. 

Facebook lets users view their searches in updated Activity Log

Activity Log updated



Facebook recently launched its Shared Activity plugin, using which users can control the activity they share to Facebook straight from the web app. In its official post announcing the launch, Facebook’s Andrew Chen wrote, “The Shared Activity plugin lists a person's activities published from your app to Facebook including Open Graph activities, Like button stories, and comment plugin activities. For example, when an individual uses a music app, she could modify the privacy settings, through the plugin, for specific song listening activities, without needing to go back to Facebook to control what's shown. Similarly, if a person, through a travel app, likes a restaurant or reviews a hotel, and decides that these activities should only be viewable to a select group on friends on Facebook, he can control this within the plugin as well.”


Recently, Facebook was in the news for having decided to make a “huge attempt” to erase fake profiles from its network. By doing so, it aimed to discourage the misuse of such fake profiles. As per a statement by Facebook, the social network may go as far as asking users to identify themselves (their presence on the network), if Facebook found it suspicious. 


Last month, Facebook cracked the whip on fake ‘Likes’ on its Pages. Facebook affirmed that it would be coming down strongly on fraudulent Likes on Pages. The social networking giant opines that when a page and a fan connect on its platform, it needs to be ensured that the connection involves a real person with genuine interest in knowing more about and hearing from that particular Page. "As such, we have recently increased our automated efforts to remove Likes on Pages that may have been gained by means that violate our Facebook Terms," Facebook added in its post titled 'Improvements To Our Site Integrity Systems'.

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