Facebook launches its own version of playable ads to improve game monetisation

Advertisers can pitch games as interactive ad experiences in app-install campaigns on Facebook.

When you’re on Facebook and an ad pops up, it can be irritating, especially if you do not have an option to skip it, and you’re being forced to watch it. We don’t want to be forced to see something we didn’t intend to, but what if those ads could be interactive. Facebook is launching its own version of something called playable ads across all its platforms. Playable ads are interactive ads for games, which allows people to play the advertised game before they download it.

According to a report by VentureBeat, Rick Kelley, vice president of gaming at Facebook, said in an interview with GamesBeat that advertisers will now able to pitch games using playable ads, which are interactive ad experiences in app-install campaigns on Facebook.

The playable add will potentially help games get discovered by players. “With 6 million apps on the app stores, it’s super hard to get discovered,” Kelley said. “Companies are shifting from volume to quality users, and it’s imperative we give them the tools to do that.”

 Facebook launches its own version of playable ads to improve game monetisation

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While these ads can be a lot more interesting, because they give the user an idea what the game will look and feel like, the fact remains that these are still ads, and well, advertisements can be intruding.

A blessing or a curse

Well, Playable ads rive higher-intent installs from people who have experimented with the game and are therefore more likely to play after installing. Integrating this into the Facebook ads can help marketers drive installs. According to Kelly, however, Facebook’s version of these ads will come with a twist. First, the user will see a video of the game and then the interactivity will begin.

While “the result is a more rich experience,” in the scheme of things, its only benefiting the marketers.

Besides the markets, some gamers will probably be happy about being able to get a first-hand experience before downloading the games and then exploring whether they like it or not.

That’s all about the blessing part.

The ads can be a curse to those who have nothing to do with playing games. While we already know that the Keyword-SEO universe works in a manner that only those who are interested in gaming will see the ads, but then all of us have to see how far marketers can go. Ads keep popping up, and well, ads can be intruding.

That's not all. There's 'retention' and 'value' optimization

Facebook is testing something called 'retention optimization.' Retention with games can't be easy. It refers to the percentage of players who return to a game after certain periods of time, such as a day, or a week. Facebook is testing a way to optimize retention to help game developers.

Further, the social media giant is also testing something called 'value optimization,' which will essentially help developers spot their most valuable users and reward them. This is another marketing practice to retain the audience. Players who make in-app purchases can be extremely valuable to game developers, and rewarding them can ensure that never leave them and go away.

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