Facebook is trying to make it easier to understand how users are served ads

Users can view more detailed targeting across interests and categories that match them with ads.

When a particular ad appears on your Facebook News Feed, sometimes it feels creepy thinking how did the social media giant serve you something that’s related to you. To make things clear, Facebook had added a “Why am I seeing this ad?” button in those posts. However, that wasn’t enough, so the company is adding more details on how those ads make their way on the timeline.

Facebook is trying to make it easier to understand how users are served ads

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Earlier, Facebook used to specify demographic information and the websites users may have visited that led to those ads being served to them. It’s bringing new additions to the “Why am I seeing this ad?” with detailed targeting that covers the user’s interests and categories.

Updates are also being rolled out to Ad Preferences to bring more clarity about which businesses are uploading lists containing your information to serve ads. The information could include your email address and phone number. All of this information will appear in a tab divided into two sections.

The first tab will display advertisers that have uploaded a list with your information and used it to run ads for at least one day in the past seven days. In the second tab, it will list down all the businesses that have uploaded and shared a list containing your information with advertisers. Here, the duration will be from the past 90 days.

Both these sections will give users a fair idea of how their information is being used by businesses and advertisers to serve them ads. Based on what they prefer, users will be able to pinpoint the source of the ads appearing on their News Feeds.

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