Facebook is testing its ‘Bonfire’ app in Denmark for users to organize group video calls

Social media giant Facebook has just launched a new ‘Bonfire’ app for iOS users. The description of the app states that it is a ‘Group Video Chat’ app which may sound similar to group video chat on Skype.

Image credit: Apple App Store

Image credit: Apple App Store

One thing to note here is that the app is only available for iOS users. According to a report by The Next Web, the launch of this app is limited to iOS devices in Denmark.

The report points out that the app is similar to ‘Houseparty’, allowing the user to hold video calls with a group of participants at the same time. A representative from Facebook informed The Next Web that the company is ‘running a very small test’ in Denmark for the app. He went on to add that the company is interested in how people use technology and how the company can help build great experiences for a different set of users.

'Houseparty' is picking up momentum teenagers but this move from Facebook is dangerous for the app. A wider launch from Facebook may render the app obsolete. This kind of limited testing is not a new thing for companies and most of the companies test new apps and features in a closed group of users.

Updated Date: Sep 14, 2017 17:06 PM