Facebook is testing a downvote button but only in the comments section for a select few users in the US

The much desirable 'dislike' vote will soon come to Facebook. However, it will come as 'downvote' button and only in the comments section. This has not been officially launched but has been seen in the wild in some people's Facebook update for testing.

Representational image. Reuters.

Representational image. Reuters.

Screenshots of the new update were, reportedly, found in a Reddit thread from the users who received the testing update.

According to a report in The Verge, Facebook has confirmed testing the downvote button. On clicking this button, Facebook makes the questionable comment disappear and one gets a message with options suggesting reasons for downvoting the comment.

The reasons reportedly suggested are "offensive", "misleading", or "off topic".

It is not known whether it will be only for public posts or private ones too, in the future.

Currently, Facebook has the "like" button which leads to a couple of reactions to the post whether public or private.

Facebook, reportedly, wants this button to appear on the public posts so that they can see what the users think. Currently, this is available for a small group of people in the US only.

Mark Zuckerberg in his Facebook post had recently said that they intend to bring meaningful posts on users' NewsFeed.

Maybe this is a step in that direction, to keep spam or topic-diversions away.

Updated Date: Feb 09, 2018 13:27 PM