Facebook: How far would you go to be on the social networking website?

How far would you go to be on Facebook? A lady going by the name Jemma Rogers will give you an example.

How far would you go to be on Facebook? A lady going by the name Jemma Rogers will give you an example. 

According to a report by The Telegraph, 30-year-old holistic therapist from Lewisham, south-east London called Jemma Rogers literally changed her name after social networking site Facebook locked her out from her account. A drastic measure? Well, more of a desperate move.

Jemma joined Facebook back in 2008 under the pseudonym Jemmaroid Von Laalaa in an attempt to avoid all the annoying friend requests from old friends and strangers. But last month, she received a message from the social networking website to send in some identification proof to prove that it was a genuine name and account.

Desperation move activated! 

Jemma Rogers was so confused and worried that she will be locked out from Facebook, that she tried an unethical method of trying to photoshop her bank cards to prove that was her real name. Just after a day, Jemma's account was suspended and she could no longer, log in. She tried everything, even emailing Facebook explaining her situation. But nothing worked.

The Time adds, eventually, she decided to simply, change her name. For real! She changed her name by deed poll and ordered a new drivers license and bank cards. According to the report, she said that, "I know I’ve been a completely moron, but Facebook are being ridiculous. They should be able to tell it’s a genuine account but just under a fake name, I can’t believe I am being punished like this."

Despite sending the documents over to Facebook, she has only received automated responses saying that they will 'look into' her problem. She added, "I can't believe I'm stuck with this stupid name and I still can't get into my Facebook. It's hard to speak to a human being as well, all I get is computerised messages back, it's so frustrating."

It's been five weeks since she has been locked out of her account. Not only did she loose her photos, messages and memories, she lost her name too!

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