Facebook F8 2018: The developers conference kicks off at 10 pm tonight; here’s how to watch and what to expect from the event

You’d think amid the Cambridge Analytica scandal F8 2018 would be low key, but Facebook claims it to be one of the biggest of its developer conferences over the years.

From typing with your brain to hearing with your skin, the announcements made at the F8 2017 found Facebook at the peak of its ambitions. However, given the thick soup that Facebook currently is in, you would expect things to be a little, well, calmer this time, but nothing seems to be slowing down the company.

Facebook F8 2018: The developers conference kicks off at 10 pm tonight; here’s how to watch and what to expect from the event

Facebook F8 2018 developers conference starts 01 May, 2018.

The event is expected to be more muted than the previous years, considering Facebook must have had to rework a lot of the expected announcements, including a smart speaker and it has revoked a lot of third-party apps from accessing some data which was previously easy to use, in light of the Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

However, Facebook still claims that this one is the biggest F8 ever, with more than 50 sessions available to a record crowd of 5,000 attendees.

When is Facebook F8 2018?

The keynote speech of F8 2018 kicks off at 10 am PDT (10 pm IST) on 1 May. This session is scheduled to go on for about 90 minutes, with announcements from Mark Zuckerberg and other company executives. Day 2 of the event starts at 10 am PDT (10 pm IST) on 2 May with some smaller announcements expected on the day.

How can I watch Facebook F8 2018 online?

You can watch F8 2018 online here. And in order to be notified when the event begins, you can head here to sign up to stream the event. To do that, you’d need to share your name and email address. Once done, Facebook will send you a reminder to tune in live to the keynotes both days and watch the sessions on demand.

What to expect from Facebook F8 2018?

The developers conference is an important annual developers event for Facebook. This year in particular it will also give Zuckerberg a platform to revisit the Cambridge Analytica data scandal and talk about the measures that will be hardboiled for developers going forward.

While Zuckerberg is definitely expected to address the scandals of the past year, the company is also expected to make some announcements in terms of new technology and gadgets. Facebook is believed to take the AR and VR technology a notch up this time with some Oculus related announcements expected tonight. The company is also widely believed to be working on making updates to News Feed, which may be announced at the event. Facebook's secretive innovation lab, Building 8, that has been in news since forever now, is also expected to be spoken about.

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