Facebook Dating is planning to introduce new onboarding screens to lure people in

The new onboarding screen tries to highlight the privacy features baked into Facebook Dating.

Facebook Dating may not be as popular as Tinder but the social media giant surely isn't giving up on the service just yet.

As per app researcher and reverse engineering expert, Jane Manchun Wong, who often takes to Twitter to reveal her findings, Facebook Dating is now planning to introduce fresh onboarding screens to lure more people. As per a screenshot shared by Wong, Facebook appears to be trying hard to inform people what its Dating app is all about.

For the uninitiated, Facebook Dating is a service within the main Facebook app that integrates with Groups and Events and draws on other aspects of Facebook to expand the dating pool and encourage users to meet in public. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says that Facebook Dating is essentially meant for matching people who're interested in long-term relationships rather than hook-ups.

The new onboarding screens try and inform users of the matchmaking process and how any activity on Facebook Dating is separate from the actual Facebook app. Now, Facebook advertises the fact that your activity remains "private", so as to suggest that the app won't post your dating activity on the main app. While that might be assuring, we all know by now that anything that happens on Facebook isn't really "private".

One of Facebook's new onboarding screens also advertises the fact that Dating doesn't suggest you match within your existing circle of friends.

We would have loved to try it out Facebook, but as it turns out, Facebook Dating isn't available in India just yet.

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