Exclusive: Hacker of AnkitFadia.in speaks with Tech2

After the recent hack and defacement of Ankit Fadia’s website, the hacker Himanshu Sharma – who goes by the screen names m0f0 and

After hacking and defacing Ankit Fadia’s website recently, hacker Himanshu Sharma, who goes by the screen names m0f0 and нα¢кєя, spoke exclusively with Tech2 about the incident. He has provided proof of the hack, but has requested us to not disclose it as it contains sensitive information.

Himanshu Sharma is the same hacker who hacked Ankit Fadia’s website this year in January in response to a challenge issued by Fadia to all Indian hackers to compromise his website. When asked about how difficult it was to hack into AnkitFadia.in, he said, “It was not quite difficult for me to hack Ankit.” He also mentions, “He calls himself an ethical hacker but he does not even use any security for his website.” When asked about how he hacked the website, Sharma explained, “His hosting account was suspended at the time I hacked him because [another hacker] hacked it earlier and the hosting suspended the account. So I did a DNS Hijack after compromising his server to deface his domain.”

Exclusive: Hacker of AnkitFadia.in speaks with Tech2

Himanshu Sharma explains why he hacked Ankit Fadia's website


When asked about motives, Sharma said, “Ankit challenged on TV show that he will give a job to anyone who hacks him. Last time I did compromising him, but I did not deface him so when I contacted him regarding this reward thing he announced, for two months I got a same reply that he is travelling and would look into the matter soon . Then he stopped replying to my mails and messages. So this time I defaced him to prove that I really can compromise his security.” Sharma also highlighted that his attack was not meant to be malicious, as he has not leaked any sensitive information about Ankit Fadia, including credit card information, home address, and phone numbers.

Sharma is already a well-known hacker. At just 18 years of age, has been recognised by companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook. He has helped recovered the Facebook Fan Page of well-known Pakistani singer, Zaain Ul Abideen.

Back in June, Sharma and Parul Khanna helped Harbhajan Singh retrieve his hacked Facebook account. It appears that Singh's e-mail address, along with his Facebook Fan Page, were hacked. The hacker kept a low profile, and was not very active on these accounts. Most hackers usually tend to make drastic changes to the appearance of the page or by posting offensive content on it. Harbhajan Singh is said to have contacted the police asking for help, but when no help was forthcoming from the police, he decided to take the help of the two ethical hackers. The two joined hands and were able to successfully recover both accounts within 24 hours. Khanna has conducted more than 300 workshops on ethical hacking across India.

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