Mobile enterprise: iOS drops, Android grows, Windows Phone stays stagnant

When it comes to the enterprise space, Apple’s iOS clearly comes across as the leader, according to the latest findings from Good Technology's semi annual Mobility Index Report.


The report reveals the mobile OS market share for the enterprise segment. However, it should be noted that this survey doesn't include Blackberry devices as it doesn't have insight of the BlackBerry devices that use BlackBerry Enterprise Server for corporate email access.

Mobile enterprise: iOS drops, Android grows, Windows Phone stays stagnant

Net Activations in Q2 - April to June


Though Apple's enterprise market share has fallen by 5 percentage points, it still takes the first spot with 67 percent total device activations in Q2 2014. On the other hand, Android device activations have increased by the same amount and now account to 32 percent of total activations in the last quarter. Interestingly, Windows Phone activations have remained stagnant with the five previous quarters at 1 percent.


In the last quarter, Google's Android platform has seen the largest number of activations saw the largest increase with 4 percentage points quarter-over-quarter. iOS smartphone activations remained stagnant quarter-over-quarter at 51 percent and iOS tablet activations decreased to 16 percent of total activations.


Some other key highlights of the report include significant double digit growth in total number of enterprise app activations, the gap between the number of apps activated on tablets and smartphones has significantly narrowed in Q2, and the government and public sector has now recorded an increase of five percentage points in total iPad activations.


Good Technology’s reports are based on data aggregated from all devices from more than 5,000 customers worldwide.

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