Emogi and Google collaborate to bring animated stickers to your messages via the GBoard app

Dubbed Emogi and search for Gboard, after downloading the sticker app, it syncs with the Google keyboard. In the section dedicated to emojis, Emogi’s icon appear.

Emogi in collaboration with Google has introduced animated stickers on the Google keyboard. It can make conversations more animated.

Emogi for GBoard. Google Play Store.

Emogi for GBoard. Google Play Store.

To activate this feature in GBoard, it is necessary to first download the app, dubbed Emogi for Gboard. After downloading the sticker app, it syncs with the Google keyboard. In the section dedicated to emojis and search, Emogi’s icon appears. By pressing on this icon, a list of stickers appear.

Just like in iOS' Messages app, these stickers can be made to stick to the messages.

The app has a list of emogis and this list includes Jon Snow of Game of Thrones fame and the US president Donald Trump as well.

Released on 19 September, the app currently indicates 500 to 1,000 installs. It is available on Google Play Store in Android.

According to the Google Play Store, the stickers keep on changing with trends and holidays. For this app to work with the Gboard, it is necessary to have Android Ice Cream Sandwich and above installed. Moreover, this app is free and according to Android Headlines it has no in-app purchases.

Recently, Google had introduced Bitmoji stickers on Google keyboard. These bitmojis can be accessed via the Bitmoji app on Google Play Store. However, it must be remembered that the Google keyboard must be updated. These stickers can be pasted on messaging apps like WhatsApp as well.

Like Emogi, Bitmoji app has stickers like Garfield, Hello Kitty, or Star Wars.

In a recent update, Google’s popular keyboard app, Gboard, has added some new features up its sleeves on its iOS app. According to Google the newest additions for the Gboard iPhone app includes access to Maps and YouTube, thereby making it easier to share location as well as video content in any messaging app.

Tapping the G button on the Gboard app shows tabs for Search, YouTube and Maps. Gboard had recently began supporting Farsi, Arabic and Hebrew. Recently, Google had announced support for 22 Indic languages on Gboard for Android.


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