Electronics ban on Laptops and large electronics lifted on flights coming to the US from Morocco

Morocco' announced on 12 July, 2017 that the US has lifted the airline's cabin ban on laptops and large electronic on flights between Casablanca and the US.

Morocco's national carrier announced on 12 July, 2017 that the US has lifted the airline's cabin ban on laptops and large electronics on flights between Casablanca and the North American country.

According to a statement by Royal Air Maroc (RAM), the new measure will be implemented from Thursday and passengers will be able to carry on board electronic devices such as laptops and tablets that were previously prohibited, Efe news reported.

RAM director Abdel Hamid Addou said the airline's absolute priority is the safety of passengers and their comfort on board. He hoped that this news comes as a source of satisfaction for customers travelling to the US.

In March, the US Department of Homeland Security imposed a ban on carrying electronic devices that are larger than a smartphone needed for flights coming from several countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

That measure affected a total of eight Muslim-majority countries: Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

From July 2, US authorities lifted the ban on electronic travel on board for flights from several countries that introduced additional security controls such as Qatar, the UAE, Kuwait and Turkey.