EA Sports promises a better midfield play with FIFA 14

Sony and Microsoft would have taken the center stage at the E3 press conference held in California. But, EA sports too had some surprises for...

Sony and Microsoft may have taken the centre stage at the E3 press conference held in California, but EA too had some surprises for its fans as it released the latest trailer of FIFA 14.


The new trailer provides a deeper look into the new features that the developer had promised in the latest edition of the game. Moreover, the improved graphics, which gives the players a photo-realistic look and an improved stadium crowd, is expected to raise the playing experience to a new height.


Talking about the game, Aaron McHardy, Senior Gameplay Producer, EA Sports, stated that the game will be more about its midfield play and the players would have to toil hard to get a result out of it. The new features like Precision Movement and Team-mate Intelligence, which were showcased during the E3 conference, are expected to improve the gameplay and provide the players with a real-life experience of playing football.



The trailer gave a glimpse of what Precision Movement would mean on FIFA 14, which is powered by the new Ignite engine. The one-touch control, which forms the basics of football, will now be available on the FIFA platform as well. The game will see Xavi and Pique control the ball in the same manner they would have done when on the field in reality. This would result in midfield being more creative due the one-touch movements of the players, which will help in quick turns and passes.

EA Sports promises a better midfield play with FIFA 14

Precision Movement will allow players to make quick turns with the ball at their feet 



"The game will be more like a chess match of creating opportunities building up to the midfield than it was in previous years, which was more about running down the wing and hoping that someone was open for you to pass the ball to," said McHardy, "Now it will be lot more strategic. We want you to think football a lot more than we did in last year's game."


Team-mate Intelligence would result in through balls creatig more goal scoring chances for the palyers



Team-mate Intelligence, another feature, is one of the steps that the developer has taken in its move towards improving the midfiled play. This feature would mean that the team mates are likely to make intelligent moves to break down the defence to create scoring chances and would also close down on player while defending.


FIFA 14 will be out on September 24 in North America on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

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