EA being sued over Battlefield 3

EA being slapped with class action lawsuit for not including Battlefield 1943 with PS3 version of Battlefield 3.

Back when EA started announcing pre-orders for Battlefield 3, (or even before that) they had publically stated that PS3 owners would receive a free copy of their downloadable only title, Battlefield 1943 absolutely free with Battlefield 3. The day Battlefield 3 got released, PS3 owners were shocked to learn that the promised content was not present on disc.

EA being sued over Battlefield 3

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EA later came out promising free and early DLC to PS3 owners, but they had already sold multiple copies of the game on a false pretext and that hasn’t gone down too well with gamers. According to Kotaku, EA is being taken to court by firm Edelson McGuire who has slapped the publisher with a class action suit on behalf of all PS3 owners. As for compensation, they aren’t asking for millions. They simply want what was promised in the first place, a free copy of battlefield 1943.

EA is yet to respond officially to any of this, but it’s real nice to see customers not taking this kind of crap lying down.