E3 2008: Wii Motion Plus Announced

Nintendo has announced a brand new accessory to help improve the Wiimote's accuracy.

If you’re of the opinion that the Wii’s remote isn’t very responsive, you aren’t alone. The console’s developer Nintendo seems to agree with your sentiment, which is why they’ve come up with an accessory for the Wiimote called the Wii MotionPlus that’s guaranteed to increase accuracy.

E3 2008: Wii Motion Plus Announced

Nintendo's upcoming Wii MotionPlus accessory for the revolutionary Wii Remote controller again redefines game control, by more quickly and accurately reflecting motions in a 3-D space. The Wii MotionPlus accessory attaches to the end of the Wii Remote and, combined with the accelerometer and the sensor bar, allows for more comprehensive tracking of a player’s arm position and orientation, providing players with an unmatched level of precision and immersion. Every slight movement players make with their wrist or arm is rendered identically in real time on the screen, providing a true 1:1 response in their game play. The Wii MotionPlus accessory reconfirms Nintendo’s commitment to making games intuitive and accessible for everyone.

Would have been good news for us if Nintendo actually launched the goddamn console over here.

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