E3 2008: Wanted: The Game Announced

A game based on the new Angelina Jolie flick 'Wanted' is being developed by Swedish studio, GRIN...

A game based on the Warner Bros flick (staring Angelina Jolie) ‘Wanted’ (which in turn’s based on a comic book series) is being developed by the Swedish studio, GRIN. The game lets you play the role of Wesley Gibson from the movie - the office clerk who’s trained into being a bullet curving assassin.

E3 2008: Wanted: The Game Announced

The game will feature bullet time, the ability to curve bullets (like in the movie) and a lot more of cool gimmicks that might keep you entertained for a few minutes. Forgive me for being judgmental here guys, but most movie to game conversions have a tendency of going awry.

The game will be released this year on PC and consoles (PS3…Xbox360…? Wasn't specified).

[Via Gamespot]

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