Dropbox users experiencing syncing issues

Dropbox users have been facing issues with syncing and the app seems to be down for most...

Dropbox users have been facing issues with syncing and the app seems to be down for most of them. The cloud storage service team seems to be working on a solution for the problem after user complaints grew stronger.

Dropbox users took to social networking website Twitter to air their grievances and see if others were facing the same issue. The app seems to be facing issues with syncing and accessibility, but is not completely down. Dropbox aficionados used the hashtag #DropboxDown on Twitter to figure out what was going wrong with the cloud storage service.

The Dropbox team immediately sent out a flurry of tweets to update users of the situation. “Client Syncing, and Uploading via the website, will be affected for approximately the next hour. Thank you for your patience,” the account tweeted at around 5 AM IST today. A lot of users who require Dropbox in their offices were heard grumbling about the down-time.

Dropbox users experiencing syncing issues

Not quite flying high


The most worrisome part for most Dropbox users was the safety of their data on the servers of the cloud storage service, but the team has assured that the uploaded data is all safe. They tweeted that while syncing and uploading from the webpage and desktop app have been affected and engineers are working on the issue, user data was secure.

Applications that use Dropbox’s API too have been affected in a kind of a domino effect started by the downtime.

Dropbox issued a statement regarding the issue that said, “We are aware of an issue currently affecting people’s use of Dropbox. We apologize for any inconvenience you may be experiencing as we work to resolve this issue. For the latest updates, please see https://twitter.com/dropboxops.”

As of the last update by Dropbox at around 8 AM IST, the team says that shareable links should be back up soon and the engineers were working on resolving the rest of the issues soon.

Meanwhile, Dropbox has been making rapid changes to improve usability on various platforms. The cloud storage company released an app for Windows 8 that incorporated the Modern UI. Users can now flip through their content, preview their photos and/or watch videos with a tap on the Dropbox for Windows 8 app. Users can also now share their data from Dropbox with other Windows 8 apps. Social sharing of data via Facebook and Twitter using the people app has also been added to the app.

Here’s the list of features of the app on the Windows store:

  • Browse and preview all of your files and photos on Dropbox
  • Open, edit and save files from other Windows 8 apps
  • Share any photo, file or folder with the Share Charm
  • Find your files with the Search Charm

Dropbox also announced a beta update for its Android app, Android Experimental Forum Build -, with the release of which a user can share several photos at once, organise their favourite photos into albums and even delete multiple photos at once. There have been more UI improvements, tweaks and bug fixes for the app.

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