Dropbox acquires cloud photo service Loom and collaboration tool Hackpad

Dropbox is on a roll of late and after releasing Mailbox for Android and a new cloud photo service called Carousel for the two big smartphone platforms, the company is looking ahead and building a foundation for a massive ecosystem play. In the past year itself, the company has bought companies such as AudioGalaxy, a media-streaming company and e-reading company Readmill. And now they have announced takeovers of two more companies Loom and Hackpad. Dropbox did not disclose financial details for these deals.


Firstly, Dropbox has acquired Loom a cloud-based photo storage service very similar to Dropbox's native feature for auto-backup. It will be shut down as an app and features such as gesture-based album creation function could be integrated to the Dropbox app. Many of its features are also being moved to Carousel. Loom will shut down on May 16 and is an iOS, Mac and Web app. Loom users will be able to export their data directly into Dropbox. According to the FAQ, most of the features are being rolled into Dropbox's existing photo app, Carousel. Loom says all users can take their data to a Dropbox account.


Hackpad is similar to Basecamp or Slack. Working on a major project and need everyone to be on the same page? Use Hackpad to sync notes and files, assign tasks, and so on between designated devices. Interestingly, this one has an element of crowdsourcing which could be the key motivation behind the acquistion. Hackpad has web widgets and a forum for when a idea is too big for your team to handle or if you need help from an outside expert. This app is also iOS only and will continue to function, though there's no word on whether an Android version is in the works.

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