Donald Trump nominates man with no expertise in space tech as NASA’s deputy admin

The Senate aide with strong political background has been nominated over an astronaut with expertise in the field.

US President Donald Trump has pulled another of his signature moves — vague decisions.

The White House has reportedly announced the nomination of James Morhard for deputy administrator of NASA. The reason why the nomination has become so newsworthy is because Morhard, who is a US Senate aide, has no experience in the field of space technology. And he has been nominated over Janet Kavandi, who is an astronaut and known leader of NASA’s research centers.

NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine, whose first choice for the position was apparently Kavandi (according to report by Quartz), has now given a statement saying, “This administration is committed to American leadership in space, and I look forward to working with Morhard upon his confirmation”.

As Quartz reports, many from the agency are concerned that the Senate aide’s strong political background may not be a very good balance for Bridenstine’s similar expertise as a lawmaker. Apparently, till now, Presidents “have sought to combine engineering know-how and political savvy by splitting those responsibilities roughly between the administrator and their deputy”.

The confirmation of Morhard’s role in the space agency will come only after the majority of the Senate votes in his favour.