DmC Devil May Cry gets new trailer

The Devil May Cry series has always been notoriously difficult. The game revolves around not only on fighting through hordes of enemies and getting to the...

The Devil May Cry series has always been notoriously difficult. The game not only revolves around fighting through hordes of enemies and getting to the end of the level to progress through the game, but to do so while looking awesome and badass as well. The games concentrate on always using varied fighting styles and combos instead of finding one and sticking to that. The latest game in the series is planning to reboot the entire franchise. The new game is dubbed DmC: Devil May Cry. Capcom has released a new trailer for the game which shows off some of the gameplay and how one of the levels will look.

The main protagonist Dante looks a lot different from his previous incarnations. He is usually seen with long white hair and carries a sword that’s about as big as he is, named Rebellion, but in the reboot, developer Ninja Theory seems to have given him more of a teenage look with short black hair. An interesting thing to note is Dante’s new weapon. The sword seems to be extendable and flexible, like a whip. The level design seems to take advantage of this with platforming segments that require Dante to pull platforms to him or swing to another platform by using his sword.

The earlier games revolve around Dante, one of the sons of the most powerful demon that ever existed - Sparda. Chronologically, the events of Devil May Cry 3 precede the events of the other games. Dante’s brother Vergil has joined up with a strange, bald wizard named Arkham and raised a demonic tower named the Temen-ni-Gru again in the hopes of gaining more power. It's Dante's job to go in and kick ass, which he does. Arkham dies, Vergil falls into the depths of the demon world and Dante, at the suggestion of his sometimes-ally, the huntress Lady, names his demon-hunting business Devil May Cry.

DmC Devil May Cry gets new trailer

DmC will see a January 2013 release


Devil May Cry takes place some time later, where Trish, a demon who looks like Dante’s mother, bursts into his shop and invites him to Mallet Island to prevent a demon named Mundus from returning. He accepts, kicks ass, and seals Mundus away again, although he still doesn't succeed in killing Mundus. Trish becomes Dante's sidekick.

The events of Devil May Cry 4 happen after the first game where the focus of the story shifts to Nero who is a member of a cult that worships Sparda, known as the “Order of the Sword”. Dante attacks the cult and soon after, demons attack the city. Nero realizes that the leaders of the cult aren’t very different from the demons he’s fighting and it’s up to Dante to kick ass and save Nero.

The last game in the series, chronologically, is Devil May Cry 2, where a silent Dante is called to the remote Island of Dumary to investigate a corporation that is attempting to harness demonic power. Dante kicks more ass.

According to the trailer, DmC Devil May Cry will be released in January 2013.