Distracted boyfriend’s girl has a secret past and it’s shocking

Twitter users Ernie Smith has discovered a shocking history of Distracted Boyfriend’s partner on a stock photo website.

Remember the distracted boyfriend meme from last year? The one where a couple is walking along a road, with the boyfriend checking out another woman and his girlfriend glaring at him?

As it turns out, the girlfriend in this meme, has a shocking past! (You’ll get the joke in the next line.)

This genius of a man, Ernie Smith, was clearly killing time and he found gold. Smith discovered the distracted boyfriend’s partner’s history, and apparently she is perpetually shocked in all stock photos.

To give you a little perspective into this, shortly after the distracted boyfriend meme went viral a year ago, internutters started to piece together how the couple ended up at this stage of their relationship, by digging up other stock photos featuring the pair. There was also an alternate reality timeline created, in which the roles of the couple were switched. And now this new angle from Ernie Smith has peeled back yet another layer into this fascinating narrative. Particularly that she is perpetually shocked, when looking at his phone, tablet, laptop, another person’s phone, or even when she is just by herself.

And if you still fail to understand the whole thing, here’s an inception-styled explanation of the distracted boyfriend’s partner’s shocking past.