DICE talks Battlefield 3 patch

DICE drops details on what gamers can expect in the first Battlefield 3 patch.

Battlefield 3’s online play is tons of fun, but it is not without these issues. DICE are aware of these issues and are working real hard to resolve them via a patch. While a date for this patch has not been announced, they did divulge a few details via a post on their official blog.

DICE talks Battlefield 3 patch

Ready for deployment


For starters, the patch will implement server updates to improve server stability. This hopefully means you won’t get randomly kicked off servers anymore. Next, they plan on improving weapons balancing, squad control functionality, user interface enhancement and lots more. I personally hope they nerf the Tactical light as well as the lens flare brightness. This patch will hit PC first after which it will be available for both Xbox360 and PS3.

Oh and in case you come across any hackers or cheaters make sure you report them via Battlelog so DICE can ban their accounts completely. Also if you're just started playing this game, do check out our multiplayer guide for beginners. It may save your life.