Customised Nokia 3310 'Trump-Putin G20 summit' edition up for sale at approximately Rs 1.6 lakh

Russian phone customizer Caviar has come out with a new revamped version of the popular Nokia 3310 called as the "Putin-Trump summit" edition.

A Russian custom phone company by the name of Caviar has come out with a version of the popular Nokia 3310 called as the "Putin-Trump summit edition" which has been created in honour of the meeting between the president of the US and Russia at G20 international summit. The phone has been pegged at a whooping price of $2,468 which is approximately around Rs. 1.6 lakhs.

The phone is encased in shell of gold and titanium and features a 3D picture of Vladmir Putin and Donald Trump looking in the same direction on the back. The phone is now available in a number of countries including India and Pakistan. However, Caviar has made only 20 such phones available.

The company states on their website “The fact that they’re looking in one direction undoubtedly expresses everyone’s desire of a progress in Russian-American relations”.

Even though the phone comes is customized lavishly it will still be featuring the same specifications as the newly rebooted version of the Nokia 3310. The company has also pegged the phone as a memorable gift for "everyone who is not indifferent to modern history and politics."

Caviar had earlier come out with the same luxurious gold casing of Trump and Putin on Apple's iPhone 7. The phone is being sold at nearly Rs 2 lakh.


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