Cowon's D3 Plenue Gets Gingerbread

Skips Frozen Yoghurt and goes a step further instead.

The D3 Plenue definitely looked promising if we had to keep aside the Éclair flavoured Android OS that it was running. The fact that we couldn’t download and install free apps from the Android Market was another bummer. While there’s still no sign of an Android Market in the near horizon, it looks like the PMP has taken a step to upgrading the OS and a pretty big one at that.


Cowon's D3 Plenue Gets Gingerbread

Plenue of Gingerbread


According to, the D3 Plenue from Cowon has got an official Gingerbread update, but for now it’s only in Korea. The good news is that the update should be rolling out for the rest of Asia and Europe in the coming weeks and although the D3 Plenue hasn’t officially been launched, we can expect to buy the PMP and quickly upgrade to Gingerbread. So with the upgrade there are quite a few improvements that the PMP will have namely an improved stability behavior and reaction rate and control buttons for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth along with sleep mode added on the status bar. Some more improvements have been made in the following sections:


  • Music Player

  - Add the sleep timer function
  - Adding ringtones using
  - File List Browsing Speed
  - Album art quality improvement

  • Comic Viewer

  - Adding page navigation

So we’re still waiting for the Android Market and we definitely hope to see that coming soon.

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