Cortana now supports instant translations in French, German, Italian and Spanish

Cortana now supports instant translations in German, Italian, Spanish and French

Microsoft announced that Cortana now supports instant translations in four languages German, Italian, French and Spanish. The feature has been available in English since September 2015.

Only available on Windows 10, users interfacing with their machines in these languages can just ask Cortana for a translation of a word or a phrase. Cortana provides translations of phrases based on text input as well, if it is typed in the Cortana Toolbar.

Users can ask, "Hey Cortana, translate where is the airport in Russian" and the service provides an instant voice translation in the target language. Translations are possible into a long list of 50 languages, which includes Urdu, Klingon, Kiswahili, Japanese, Malay and Catalan.

The instant translation on Cortana is powered by Microsoft Translator. Microsoft Translator is available as a stand alone app on Windows 10, and can translate webcam feeds or when the device is not online. The standalone app is also available for Android and iOS devices, both smartphones and watches. Microsoft Office, Bing and Skype translator also use Microsoft Translator.

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