Cooler Master launches Storm Quick Fire TK compact gaming keyboard

Cooler Master has launched a compact gaming keyboard, dubbed the QuickFire TK for Rs 9,999.

Cooler Master has launched a compact gaming keyboard, dubbed the QuickFire TK. As seems to be the norm with Cooler Master’s products, the keyboard is oriented mostly towards pro and amateur gamers alike. The company claims that its portability makes it a good fit to carry to LAN parties and gaming events.

Speaking on the occasion, Crane Chen, Country Manager India, said, “The CM Storm QuickFire TK is an innovative product. It’s the only mechanical keyboard in India that offers compact dimensions without sacrificing a NUM pad. Available in Black and Red Cherry MX switches, it offers gamers the ultimate solution for LAN parties where space is always a constraint! We are sure gamers will like this keyboard.”

The 92-keys QuickFire TK is a fully backlit, mechanical gaming keyboard. The QuickFire TK offers a full Num pad block, something that other compact keyboards leave out. This feature allows gamers to switch between ‘Game’ mode and ‘Num pad’ mode depending on whether they are playing games or using the keyboard for normal work.

Cooler Master launches Storm Quick Fire TK compact gaming keyboard

The CM Storm QuickFire TK is a compact version of the Pro



As per the press release, the keyboard uses a steel reinforced plate for mounting the Cherry MX switches thus capable of enduring the abuse a gamer will put it through. Available in Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX Black switches, the company claims that each switch can endure 50 million strokes without losing feel or tactility. The keycaps are laser etched and won’t fade and are rubber coated for grip.

The backlit has three modes and offers five different brightness settings. The function keys double up as multimedia keys using the ‘Fn’ key. The Windows key can be deactivated during gaming sessions and the NUM pad doubles up as navigation and command keys. The QuickFire TK also offers full N-key rollover over USB. This means that you can keep as many keys pressed as you want and the keyboard won’t stop detecting keystrokes.

The keyboard is priced at Rs 9,999 and is backed by two years warranty.

We had reviewed a keyboard in Cooler Master's Quick Fire line-up earlier, and we were very impressed by the keyboard's build quality and generally good functionality.

The CM Storm Quick Fire Pro was announced back in August 2012. The keyboard makes use of mechanical switches from Cherry, which is rated for over 50 million key presses. The Quick Fire Pro is loaded to the hilt with new and exciting features and is a step up from the Quick Fire Rapid version, which brings some great features for gaming enthusiasts.

Similar to the other Cooler Master gaming keyboards, Quick Fire Pro is available in blue, black, brown and red Cherry switches. So, one can choose between linear feedback and strong resistance depending on one's preference. Cherry keys are rated for over 50 million keystrokes, and can take some serious abuse in extreme gaming conditions. Cherry Switches are known to be the best in the business and make up the core of CM Storm Mechanical Gaming Keyboards. The Quick Fire Pro features a high-grade braided cable ensuring that the keyboard and the connected peripherals maintain a strong link with the PC. So you focus on the game and the keyboard does the rest of the hard work.

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