Computex 2011: AMD Tablets Now, Llano Processors Later

The launch of the Llano processor has been delayed, since AMD needs time for its tablets debut.

The audiences at Computex 2011 are being treated to a whole gamut of surprises that are coming to them in all sorts of sizes. One such surprise reached from the AMD camp.

Computex 2011: AMD Tablets Now, Llano Processors Later

The wait gets longer..


The audiences expected AMD to release its Llano processor at the well-attended event, this year. However, when AMD’s Senior Vice President, Rick Bergman began his press conference at Computex 2011; he had other plans. AMD’s Llano processor did not see a launch at Computex 2011. The Llano was special, more so since it is AMD’s first APU. AMD was also due to launch its first 32nm chip at the event. Targeted towards the mobile platform, the 32nm chips are obviously smaller, yet powerful.

The best part, however, was the confirmation from AMD’s end that it would be, for sure, making a foray into the competitive tablet space, soon. The AMD ‘Z-Series’, also known as ‘Desna’ will pack in 2 Bobcat 1GHZ cores, and would run at 5.9watts. AMD claims that their Z-series tablets would run both Windows and Android. Also, users could expect them to come up with ‘Honda’ – a replacement to their Z-Series, sometime next year.


Source: ZDNet

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