Coder Controls BMW Car Using Nokia C7 Phone

Started controlling RC cars, then moved on to a BMW and are now thinking of flying a full-sized plane.

Nokia Asia got together with coders and electronics experts An Jiaxuan and his friend to develop an app and system to control a BMW 1-series car using their new Nokia C7 touchscreen phone. The C7 isn’t one of the top-of-the-line phones from Nokia, but it still is a pretty capable phone. Check out the video to see the system in action.

The two coders took 20 days to create the software required to control the car. They experimented with everything from air conditioners to smaller remote control cars, before moving on to something more life like such as the BMW 1 series. There were plenty of hardware upgrades required to let the user control the throttle, brakes and steering. They're now dreaming of remotely controlling a full sized plane. Would anyone be willing to lend them theirs?

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