Chrome extension MailTrack tells you when your sent mails on Gmail are read

Instant messaging has made us used to seeing double check marks beside our messages indicating when the message has been sent and when it has been read. MailTrack is a startup that is aiming to do the same with emails.


MailTrack, the eponymous software, is an easy-to-install application that carries the double-checks from apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram to Gmail, so that its users know when their e-mails have been opened. The concept translates the technology from the mass email marketing industry, well-known in programs such as MailChimp, to the popular format of the checks in individual emails. Next to each sent e-mail, a first tick indicates that the message was sent successfully, while a second tick confirms that the recipient read it. At the same time, MailTrack also indicates the number of times the email has been opened, when and also the browser used.


The company which is quite popular in Spain and Latin America, has already reached the 50,000 installation mark and has been used in 3.5 million emails sent in a span of 6 months. These milestones were expected by the company, which started in November last year, to come by the end of 2014.


MailTrack gives the two tick mark symbol to indicate that a mail has been read

MailTrack gives the two tick mark symbol to indicate that a mail has been read


Currently it works only on the desktop Chrome extension, but internal testing of the MailTrack's mobile version is on and will be released in the next couple of months says Gonzalez. A Firefox add-on will be out by the end of the year.


Naturally, since the extension requires access to your Gmail account, the first question that will pop up in your mind is related to your privacy. "Is the extension reading the data in my mail?," is the most common question.


Speaking to Tech2, Nacho Gonzales, CEO of MailTrack says, "The matter of privacy and safety has been our number-one concern since the beginning, because we knew we were dealing with people’s private and professional emails and, therefore, their private lives. This is what we have in our secured servers from each message sent with MailTrack: sender’s and recipient’s emails, subject line and links (so we identify link clicks). This is the very basic information we need in order to classify and identify opens for the MailTrack user."


"In no case we access the body of the message. We also need a permit in order to refresh the user’s Gmail tab after he or she installs the app. In this sense, we do exactly what the email marketing industry does (MailChimp, GetResponse, AWeber, iContact…), but in small, individual scale. Now you don’t need to be behind a company’s digital marketing department to access that technology: it’s available to everyone for their daily messages," he adds


At the moment, MailTrack only works with Gmail and only as a Chrome extension. According to Gonzalez, MailTrack was started with Gmail because of its popularity and user base and they are planning to expand to other brands in 2015. "While MailTrack can only be installed in Google Chrome and Gmail, once our user has it, it can be used to send emails to any kind of email server – Yahoo, Outlook, or any other client. It works perfectly with Gmail for companies," he says.

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