China shuts down nearly 4,000 websites and around 8 million illicit cyber accounts

A total of 3,918 illegal websites were shut down by China's internet watchdogs from April to June, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) has said.

The websites included those that published content that jeopardized national security, and those that spread violence, vulgarity or unfounded rumours, according to the CAC statement on Saturday, Xinhua news agency reported. Up to 316 cases related to illegal websites were handed to judicial organs in the same period, the CAC said.

More than 810,000 illicit cyber accounts were also closed in the second quarter of the year, the statement read. Moreover, 443 website owners were summoned by cyber watchdogs for law-breaking while 172 received warnings, as part of cyber law enforcement that has been highlighted over the months, according to the statement.

Recently, China appointed Xu Lin, as the new head of its powerful internet regulator, a man who had publicly vowed to maintain the ruling Communist Party’s tight grip over cyberspace. The Chinese government exercises widespread controls over the Internet and has sought to codify that policy in law. Officials say such restrictions are needed to ensure security in the face of rising threats, such as terrorism. In a brief report, the official Xinhua news agency said Lu Wei will no longer head the Cyberspace Administration of China, naming one of his deputies, Xu Lin, as his replacement.

Updated Date: Jul 23, 2017 15:04 PM