China "greatly concerned" over reported Huawei employee arrest in Poland

Poland arrested a Chinese Huawei employee and a Polish national on allegations of spying.

China said on 11 January it was “greatly concerned” over reports that a Chinese Huawei employee had been arrested in Poland on allegations of spying, amid growing controversy in Western nations over the Chinese telecoms equipment maker.

Poland has arrested a Chinese citizen and a Polish national involved in cyber business, Polish media reported on 11 January.

China greatly concerned over reported Huawei employee arrest in Poland

Huawei. Image; Reuters.

In response to a Reuters query about the reports, China’s Foreign Ministry urged the “relevant country” to ensure the legitimate rights of individual involved and to handle the case “justly” and in accordance with law.

US intelligence agencies allege Huawei is linked to China’s government and that its equipment could contain “backdoors” for use by government spies. No evidence has been produced publicly and the firm has repeatedly denied the claims. But the criticism has led several Western countries and companies to look into whether they should allow Huawei’s equipment to be used in their telecoms networks, straining relations with Beijing.

Also, one of Huawei Canada’s top executives, Scott Bradley,the company’s senior vice president for corporate affairs on 11 January disclosed he was leaving his post after more than seven years with the Chinese telecommunications equipment maker. He disclosed his departure in a post on LinkedIn that did not give a reason for the move.

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