CES 2013: Live from Samsung's press conference

All the coverage from Samsung's press event at CES 2013

03:30pm IST

And  we're off!

 CES 2013: Live from Samsung's press conference

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03:45pm IST
The F8000 was just unveiled. This is Samsung's flagship LED TV.

03:46pm IST

Maximum size will be 75-inches. The new high-end TVs are driven by a quad-core CPU so they should be a lot more powerful than the current 2012 models.

03:48pm IST
Samsung has redeisnged the 'Smart Hub' feature in their TVs. It's now prettier and faster than before.

03:52pm IST
Joe Stinziano is up on stage now talking about  the new features in Smart Hub.

03:55pm IST
2012 Smart TVs can reap the benifits of the new new 2013 models through their 'Evolution kit'. This is a smal box that pugs into the rear ports of your existing Smart TV, giving you the new features.

03:58pm IST
Joe just pulled the wraps of a 85-inch UHD TV! That's one good looking TV.

04:01pm IST
We've now moved onto smart appliances.

04:05pm IST
Michael Abary, Senior VP of Samsung USA, just unveiled the NX300 - a brand new compact system smart camera.

04:08pm IST
4G Galaxy Note 10.1 just announced. Coming soon for Verizon in the US. No word about international availability.

04:11pm IST
Three new notebooks just popped up from the stage. The first one is the Samsung Series Chronos.

04:13pm IST
We are now looking at the Series 7 Ultrabook.

04:15am IST

New enterprise feature called 'SAFE' (Samsung for Enterprise) announced.

And just like that, we're done! Thanks for joining us folks. Be sure to check out more details about the new products in a bit.

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