CES 2013: Live from LG's Press Conference

LG's conference at CES 2013 promises to showcase some of the companies new innovations and technologies to the world. Follow it here.

9.13pm IST
The show is about to start.

 CES 2013: Live from LG's Press Conference

LG conferance at CES 2013



9.21PM IST
Nothing started yet, just a really large OLED TV, possibly a Smart TV seems to be on stage, along with other consumer appliances like a Washer Dryer combo. 

OLED TV On display - Image Source

OLED TV On display - Image Source



9.32PM IST
We can expect quite a line-up of OLED TVs from the South Korean electronics manufcaturer this year.


9.34PM IST
LG's CEO, Wayne Park makes his stage entrance post the little intro showcasing some new devices including a robot vaccum cleaner and the new Optimus handset. Touch the Smart life is their new campaign slogan. 


9.4PMm IST

Park says there are three aspects thier new products are building upon. Firstly, Free and Natural – Adding a natural touch to interfaces, using finger gestures to control smart TVs with hi res cameras built in. 

Control your Smart TV with just a finger

Control your Smart TV with just a finger



9.45PM IST
Next aspect is Stress Free – with thier new Smart UX interface for thier mobile range and innovative additions to refrigerators with doors in doors for quick access to what you might need. 


9.47PM IST
Park also poske about features in LG's new UI for mobiles – View talk with hand written memos, Live Zooming for running videos etc. 

View Talk for mobiles

View Talk for mobiles



9.50PM IST
The last aspect is Breathtaking. Their latest "breathtaking" experience is in thier new OLED TVs with thier WRGB techology, wide viewing angles, infinite contrast ratio, realistic colours etc. 


9.53PM IST
Upscaler plus will let you play mobile games on your UHD screen in 3D and if you're worried about the resolution, LG says don't be. Thier new wireless streaming feature from their Smartphones can feature games not only in UHD quality but in 3D as well. This we'd love to see!

Tirelessly stream in UHD and 3D

Tirelessly stream in UHD and 3D



9.55PM IST
And for the finale, a whopping 100.0-inch Smart TV!  

One Hundred Inches of viewing!

One Hundred Inches of viewing!




9.56PM IST
This Mega Smart TV is not a Demo or Prototype of any kind, said Park, it's going to be available in stores in Korea this month and in March it'll be out in the US. It seems to have some sort of wireless connectivity as well as. Park says it'll have no messy wires around.


9.58PM IST
Park exits, stage right! James Fishler, Sr. VP of LG is now on stage getting ready to announce the new products.


10.00PM IST

Fishler's talking about Smart technolgy and LG innovations like thier 4:3 styled smartphone, voice activated remote controls etc. 


10.03PM IST
Fishler is talking about  phone to appliance connecivity via NFC and Wi-Fi so you can connect to appliances like your refrigerator to see a list of groceries in your fridge while you're at the store. You can send commands to your vaccum cleaner to start cleaning up before you get home or to your washing machine. 


10.04PM IST

The Smart Whasing Machine with Wi-Fi Diagnosis that will report any issues it might come across while washing your tiddy whites (??) Thier Smart oven lets you monitor your cooking, so there's almost no chnace of bringing that pie and so much more. 

Smart appliances

Smart appliances to add value to your Smart Life



10.07PM IST

Time now to discuss smartphones. Let's see what they've got under the curtain. Starting off, Fishler talks of the Zerogap touch technology with IPS technology and new and better battery life. He's talking about the LG Intuition or VU II with it's 5.0-inch, 4:3 ratio IPS display.

VU II in all it's 4:3 glory

VU II in all its 4:3 glory



10.12PM IST
And now for the piece de resistance, the Optimus G. As usual LG has taken the lead in speed with the G. It's touted as the world's first Quad-Core LTE enabled smartphone using Snapdragon's S4 processor. It has a high density battery that uses the Snapdragon's Echo mode system to provide a long lasting battery life. 

LG Optimus G announced with in-cell touch technology

LG Optimus G announced with in-cell touch technology





10.15PM IST
And there's the LG Nexus 4. We hope that at least this True HD IPS panelled, Quad-core Snaprdarong S4 Pro processor toting handset makes it to India in an official capacity. Fingers crossed.

Fits in your palm perfectly

Fits in your palm perfectly



10.20PM IST
New UHD TVs screen sizes make thier debut – 65" and 55" joinining thier older 54" brother.


55" and 65" UHD TV's make their debut



10.23PM IST
All the new 4K TVs will be Smart TVs. 2.2 channel sound and Cinema 3D. LG is also working with industry partners to produce more 4K content. Ties up with Activision, Google and Disney should ensure more content for these UHD TVs. 


10.27PM IST
On Now search has been added to provide recommendations based on your history of viewing and search habits so steer clear of the adult entertainment guys. 

On Now search will figure out what you need based on your own search habits

On Now search will figure out what you need based on your own search habits



10.30PM IST
The new 2013 LG Magic Remote has been designed to understand "natural" language so you can speak comfortably and not like a robot. It has a universal remote function to use your set top box as well, and let's not forget voice capabilities. The voice control is on the remote and not the TV so it should be easier for the system to receive commands without inteference.

Voice control on the remote and not on the TV

Voice control on the remote and not on the TV



10.36PM IST
LG's Smart share will allow seemless integartion and sharing between your tablet, smartphone and smart TV.


10.37PM  IST
LG is also showcasing thier new line-up (3rd generation) of Google TVs. Google has integarted thier intelligent voice and search features into the Magic remote of the speedy G3 series, making content look up and location potentially smoother and faster.

Thir Generation Google Tvs

Thir Generation Google Tvs



10.40PM IST
There'll be a total of 7 models in 5 screen sizes in LG's Google TV line up in 2013.


10.42PM IST
Next up some new LG 3D TVs.


10.43PM IST

Fishler's talking about how LG's 2D to 3D converter is state of the art. Thier cinema 3D sreies line has 7 series and 21 TVs with more on the way this year. LG's also going 100 percent LED and no more CCFL. 


10.46PM IST

LG is expanding thier second genration Cinema Screen design (borderless TVs) across several series with improved 2.1 sound. All new 2013 TVs will be Energy Star certified. Plasma HDTV will still be on the cards in a variety of sizes as well.

New line up in 2013 will all be Energy Star Certified

New line-up in 2013 will all be Energy Star Certified



10.50PM IST

The new line up of Blu-ray players will also come with LG's Magic Remote, web browsing, Private Sound Mode and other features.

New Blu ray players with Magic Remote in tow

New Blu-ray players with Magic Remote in tow



10.55Pm IST
LG's all new 2013 Sound Bar line-up will feature video streaming and  enhanced designs.


10.56PM IST
There's also some talk of new Home Projector technology. This is the 100" full HD Laser TV. Sounds Impressive. This is a short throw projector at 22" from the screen. Awesome!


10.58Pm IST
LG is also working with Adobe and Microsoft for thier new IPS display monitors – the LG UltraWide monitor (21:9 aspect ratio), LG's Color Prime monitor with WQHD resolution for graphics professionals and LG's touch10 monitor for MS Windows 8 users.

Lg's new monitor line up

LG's new monitor line-up



11.003PM IST
New Digital Signage products with a new Video Wall and an 84" in UHD multitouch display. 


11.04PM IST
And that's that from LG. James Fishler winds up with these simple words from LG: "Living better is more than just smart design, or how many apps are on the TVS; it's that wink, the smile, it's all combined in our logo, it's the LG difference. Now is your chnace to touch the smartlife and see for yoursel why at LG, Life's Good." Well, Mr. Fishler, let's hope so. 


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