Can BBM ever get it right? Angry users must wait to use Android, iOS app

While most first reactions point to the BBM re-launch being welcomed favourably, with many users going on to say that the month delay in the rollout of the BBM has been worth the wait, there are many others who are not yet satisfied with the application.

After a disastrous first attempt to launch the BlackBerry Messenger across the Android and iOS platforms to allow for #BBM4ALL the company earlier today finally got the wheels on the rollout moving. Considering that its original launch, exactly a month ago, was aborted due to a leaked file, the troubled company seems to be extra cautious not to be seen with egg on its face yet again.

While most first reactions point to the BBM re-launch being welcomed favourably, with many users going on to say that the month delay in the rollout of the BBM has been worth the wait, there are many others who are not yet satisfied with the application.


Firstoff, unlike most apps, the BBM cannot be used immediately after being downloaded from either the app store or the website -- at least not if you have not pre-registered and are not among the lucky ones to have made it to the top of their email list.

Can BBM ever get it right? Angry users must wait to use Android, iOS app

If you have not pre-registered to download the new BBM for Android and iOS, you will need to register your email and wait - yet again. Pic: Firstpost

Downloading the BBM by Blackberry app from the Google Play Store, a previously unregistered user will see the message:

Thanks for downloading BBM. Due to the incredible demand there is a line-up to start using BBM. Email your address to check if you can start using BBM - or to hold a spot in line. Note: If you're pre-registered on we're already holding a spot for you with that email address -- enter it below.

This has understandably peeved many users. With most apps being able to use on the go, instantly, after being downloaded, BBM users were impatient about the wait time. Considering that the company already delayed the launch of BBM on Android and iOS by a month, this extended wait time hasn't gone down well with most users.

Commenting on the app in the Play store, user Salo Saker (21 October 2013) said, "Waiting list Stupied company , they launch app they cant deal with much users at once."

Another user,Jesse Waldo (21 October 2013) agreed. "A little too late. And you still have to wait in line to use it. No wonder people hate BlackBerry lately" he said, reviewing the BBM in the Play store.

Other users took to Twitter to rue about the wait. Chris Kitching complained about the wait in a very matter of fact manner, whileJosh Pea wanted to know why he was expected to wait to use the app.

.@BBMavailable for Android and iPhone users today, but there's a wait list:
- Chris Kitching (@chriskitching)October 21, 2013

I signed up 2 have@BBM4 iPhone, I got the email 2 download it but I can't use the app coz I've got 2 wait until I'm the 1st in line. Why?
- josh pea (@joshpenha)October 21, 2013

Twitterati Ahmed, and cocoascherell wanted to know if waiting a couple of hours to reach the top of the line was usual.

@BBMI have been in the waiting list for 2 hours !! Is this usual ??
- Ahmed ? (@ahmedkextreme)October 21, 2013

@bbmI been waiting for the email an hour !!! Not cool
- ig: cocoascherell (@tweetheart_rell)October 21, 2013

On its blog earlier today, BlackBerry had said: "If you are among the millions that took the time to sign up at, you can start using BBM immediately without waiting in line."

But, contrary to that promise, there were many who signed up earlier, but could still not use BBM immediately. Among them were Twitteratti, Shauny J and Nazmul.

@BBMI signed up at ago why cant I use bbm then ?
- Shauny J (@ShaunySnake)October 21, 2013

@BBMi signed for updates a month ago and it said that I would be able to use BBM straight away, but for some reason I'm I'm the wait list?
- Nazmul (@Nazmul_ii)October 21, 2013


The other issues many users faced were problems of no network and spotty syncing of old BBM contacts among other issues.

Play Store user, Rhea Thakur (21 October 2013), complained that the app "Is not getting downloaded. It says I have insufficient memory.. But I have enough so don't know what the problem it."

User Peter Wake (21 October 2013) couldn't find his old contacts synced to his new BBM app, but he still gave it a thumbs up over Google hangouts. He said: "Same old bbm but whos got bbm these days When signed bk in didnt giv old contacts back unless no 1 got bbm no more. Still be beta than hangouts and viber as they high on battery useage."


Some users also seemd to have compatibility issues for their phones. The new BBM app is compatible with Android versions of 4.0 and above, but a few users trying to make it work on their phones were unsuccessful and frustrated.

While Daniel Rojano was unhappy that the BBM didn't work with his 4.1.1 version, Ben Carmichael was upset that after waiting for so long for the BBM app, his phone was incompatible for it.

@BBMI have a Sony Xperia E with android version 4.1.1 and I get bbm is not comptible why? - Daniel Rojano (@_DanielRojano)October 21, 2013

I have been waiting since May for BBM, only to find that it's "incompatible" for my device.@BBM#aggd
- Ben Carmichael (@Bencarmichael1)October 21, 2013

@BBMwhy is the#bbmapp not compatible with my android HTC desire c device?#BBM4ALL#bbmhelpplease
- Mariah -O4.O4.13? (@ZaynsSmilee_x)October 21, 2013

However, our writer, Ivor Soans, who is also managing editor-enterprise technology at Network18 and edits, a site for business IT professionals has had his BBM app work perfectly on his Android phone.

"Just downloaded on Android and works just as well as on native BlackBerry. Instant receipts with zero lag. Delivered (D) and Read (R) notifications are perfect. And the cloud platform works superbly too -- All my BBM contacts on that BlackBerry ID (used earlier on another BlackBerry device) were moved to BBM on Android instantly and seamlessly. Display picture came in seamlessly from earlier BlackBerry too" he said.

With an already botched up first attempt at launching the BBM on Android and iOS and an ambitious #BBM4ALL declaration, BlackBerry cannot afford to get it wrong this time.

Firstly, BlackBerry needs to get on to clearing the backlog for six million users who had pre-registered to download their app and also find a way to quickly get newly registered users to top of the line. After all what's the point of rolling out an app that doesn't work immediately.

Like user Nico Taylor tweeted:

Send me the email ffs@BBM, why make a app and make us wait hours to use it!
- Nicko Taylor (@NickoTaylor_)October 21, 2013

Secondly, BBM needs to resolve all the aforementioned issues -- and resolve them quick.

Any experience that is less than perfect -- which includes getting the queue moving in a few hours -- will see the #BBM4ALL idea being doomed.

Because if you have made BBM lovers wait for a month to download their favourite app, the wait better be worth it, as Dillon Lloyd tweets:

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