Build 2016: Microsoft presents Cortana Bots, Cognitive Services APIs and more

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    • 23:26 (IST)

    • 23:24 (IST)

    • 23:23 (IST)

      That's a wrap from the Build 2016 Keynote

    • 23:22 (IST)

      Saquib Shaikh demoed a Glass like device which uses similar gestures and takes pictures, which then recognise the scene and give contextual information to the wearer in the form of audio

    • 23:19 (IST)

      Visually impaired developer Saquib Shaikh AV just showed a glass like device to help blind people get an idea of their surroundings. 

    • 23:15 (IST)

    • 23:14 (IST)

      CRIS bot lets you translate audio into text in a more contextually enhanced way

    • 23:12 (IST)

      CaptionBot lets you come up with Captions by just selecting the images based on the deep learning 

    • 23:10 (IST)

      Microsoft Cognitive Services has Speech APIs, Search APIs, Knowledge APIs and 22 more APIs for devs.

    • 23:07 (IST)

      If the bot does not understand a request, then the conversation will be forwarded to a Human contact

    • 23:06 (IST)

      Domino's Pizza bot being demoed making use of natural language processing. 

    • 22:59 (IST)

      Micosoft Bot Framework announced. This will let businesses to create bots to communicate with other bots. 

    • 22:58 (IST)

    • 22:57 (IST)

      Cortana Intelligence Suite announced

    • 22:56 (IST)

      "Empowering Developers" says Nadella. We want every developer to build a bot, to build intelligent apps. 

    • 22:54 (IST)

      Skype for HoloLens also announced.

    • 22:53 (IST)

      Skype Bot to work across Windows 10, iOS and Android

    • 22:53 (IST)

      Devs to get access to Skype Bot SDK

    • 22:51 (IST)

      Rincon is demoing Cortana bot communicating with bots from businesses which understands context based on your queries. This is interesting stuff which requires you to enter into the conversation lesser number of times

    • 22:49 (IST)

      This will allow businesses to use the power of Cortana and Skype says Rincon

    • 22:49 (IST)

      You can have one on one conversation with Cortana within Skype - basically acting like your assistant. 

    • 22:48 (IST)

      The new feature of Skype will come integrated with bots: Video messages can come with transcribed text. There is sticker support. 

    • 22:46 (IST)

      Lilian Rincon from Skype on stage to talk about Skype's new features

    • 22:46 (IST)

      Conversational Canvases: Nadella talking about using bots within Skype to provide services to you 

    • 22:42 (IST)

    • 22:41 (IST)

      Cortana adds in Pro-active actions to take a call to action on your search results

    • 22:40 (IST)

      Cortana works seamlessly across Windows and Android devices as well.

    • 22:39 (IST)

      Cortana also works with Android updates that show up on your desktop. 

    • 22:37 (IST)

      Cortana is now integrated in Outlook Calendar. Conversational intelligence lets Cortana integrate updates inside your mail box as well

    • 22:36 (IST)

      Ash now asking Cortana to tell him a science joke - and then goes on to explain that joke!

    • 22:35 (IST)

      We want to make voice conversation with Cortana as easy as a voice conversation with a human being says Ash

    • 22:34 (IST)

      Markus Ash form the Cortana team on stage to give a preview of the future plans of Cortana

    • 22:33 (IST)

      We want to ensure that the expertise of Cortana is not bound says Nadella. 

    • 22:33 (IST)

      Cortana is going to be available across all your devices - iOS or Android - as well says Nadella. 

    • 22:32 (IST)

      Nadella wants human language to be the new UI Layer and Bots are like the new apps

    • 22:31 (IST)

      Nadella touches upon Skype's on-the-fly speech translation technique

    • 22:31 (IST)

      Nadella want to build the Conversation as a Platform on using natural human language patterns to help with computing. 

    • 22:30 (IST)

      Microsoft takes down AI chatbot 'Tay' after Twitter teaches it racism - Tech2

      Microsoft recently unveiled Tay, an artificial intelligent chat bot developed by Microsoft's Technology and Research and Bing teams to experiment with and conduct research on conversational understanding.

    • 22:30 (IST)

      Nadella agrees that Tay social bot wasn't really a smart product and wasnt well executed. 

    • 22:29 (IST)

      Nadella: You have to have inbuilt security and compliance. All technology we build has to be inclusive so that more people use it and find it useful

    • 22:28 (IST)

      Nadella: We want to build intelligence that augments human abilities and intelligence - Man with machine as opposed to Man vs Machine. 

    • 22:27 (IST)

      Conversation as a Platform - Take the power of the Human language and apply is more pervasively across computing devices. We want to teach computers to have conversational understanding. Teach them about the broader context about your preferences and your knowledge. 

    • 22:25 (IST)

      "We are excited about the new frontiers that Windows 10 presents to you developers" says Nadella. 

    • 22:24 (IST)

      Satya Nadella back on stage summarising the day's announcements

    • 22:23 (IST)

    • 22:22 (IST)

      HoloLens will start shipping today

    • 22:21 (IST)

      NASA scientists explaining the use of HoloLens to study the red planet. Destination Mars exhibit gives holographic captures of Astronauts to let you tour the surface of Mars. 

    • 22:19 (IST)

    • 22:17 (IST)

      Dr Davis is demoing undertanding anatomy using the HoloLens. Studying anatomy, nervous system, anatomy of the brain. Remote teaching by another professor from another location. This is quite futuristic as you can see the holographic output 

    • 22:15 (IST)

      Dr Pamela Davis of Case Western Reserve to talk about the use of HoloLens in medical education.

    Microsoft's annual developer conference BUILD is about to get underway soon. Last year, Microsoft wowed the world with the release of its augmented reality headset – the HoloLens at the Windows 10 launch event in January 2015. The Build 2015 conference saw some more details of the HoloLens being demoed. Will 2016 be the year when there will be a commercially ready HoloLens unit? We will have to wait and find out.

    But Build is a developer conference first, so expect some updates regarding Azure cloud service, unified Windows platform, Windows 10 updates, Windows 10 Mobile updates and so on. There is also a strong buzz around the Internet of Things (IoT) related announcements on the software and the hardware front. Here is a list of things we are expecting at the Build 2016 conference.

    In case you are a Windows 10 fan, then here is a list of features we feel Microsoft should think about introducing or improving with its current Windows 10 home OS.

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