Brain-Mapping Research Gets a Major Breakthrough

Scientists at the Allen Institute for Brain Science have achieved a major breakthrough on the brain mapping front.

A map is virtually a tool that unravels a lot about the nitty-gritty details of the location of a particular place. Imagine having a brain map on you, although for most of us it may just draw a few awestruck looks, but, ask scientists at The Allen Institute for Brain Science, Seattle, Washington.

A map to detection

A map to detection


In what could deservingly be termed as one phenomenal, ground-breaking research, scientists have figured out a way to study the functions and working of a human brain. Termed as the Human Brain Atlas, this research piece, if accurate, can go a long way in detection and subsequent prevention of brain-related illnesses.

The process of dishing out maps of the brain to aid further research is by no means a child’s play. For once, the work area resembles a butcher’s shop. Why you ask? Well, the very first step towards achieving the goal is slicing off the brain into thin pieces. Using a sterilized knife, the scientist, oblivious to the object under the searing end of his knife; chops of the brain into similar looking slices. These slices are then photographed, and very hurriedly placed in the freezer. These photographs aid in the accurate study of specific genes and individual neurons, as also give them a clear idea as to which gene goes in the brain.

The current development spells massive development on the initial research sources. The earlier specimens gave scientists a very crude picture of the outline of a brain, let alone aiding them to differentiate those billions of genes that reside in it.

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