BlackBerry to use stronger adhesive for countering KeyONE screen issues

JerryRigEverything made a durability test video a couple of weeks back showing that the screen of the BlackBerry phone was not durable in usage.

BlackBerry fans were in for a rude shock after BlackBerry introduced its new phone called the 'Blackberry Keyone'. Hardcore BlackBerry fanatics, who were adamant on using the QWERTY text-input in this era of touchscreen models, were initially pleased with the phone. The KeyONE had an extremely high demand in the US and held the “Best Seller” tag in the category  of unlocked phones in the Amazon USA store.

However, JerryRigEverything a popular YouTuber, made a durability test video a couple of weeks back showing that the screen  of the phone was not durable in usage. The video showed the device’s display popping out after a bend test. It appeared the adhesive on the back of the screen wasn’t of the best quality.

Blackberry made it clear in a statement that there was no manufacturing defect and that only a few of the BlackBerry users are actually facing this kind of problems. Now BlackBerry has released another statement on the CrackBerry forums, where that have assured the users of the phone that enhanced measures are being taken to increase the strength of the adhesive that is being used.

These newly manufactured KeyONE's are now beginning to hit retailers and carriers, and should continue to come in stock throughout the summer. The statement also said that those who are already in possession of a KeyONE mobile phone can get a warranty replacement. If any problem arises then they can contact BlackBerry directly and get warranty and replacement related assistance.

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