BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 update could roll out to users on 19 February

BlackBerry will finally roll out the much awaited BB OS 10.3.1 for it's devices which was delayed because of a minor bug which was causing the delay.

BlackBerry will finally roll out the much awaited BB OS 10.3.1 which was delayed because of a minor bug for it's devices . The update will reportedly release on 19th February. BlackBerry Passport or BlackBerry Classic smartphones already have the BB 10.3 OS pre-installed.

A report on N4BB points out that the update was actually set to release on 7th February but the company had some issues with the update accidentally wiping off the entire device. Though the company has made no official statement, we hope that the update is up and running on 19th February.

The report also stated that the updated features will include Notifications Profiles which are very similar to BeBuzz and Hub++ apps. Also, Customizable Hotkeys from Home Screen for physical keypad smartphones will be available along with the ability to grant/deny permission for applications to continue running while minimized. Users can now mark a Picture or Video as "hidden" and can add robust Calendar reminder dialogs. The update also brings in a workspace camera and a battery saving mode.

The update will include an upgraded virtual assistant with Siri-like capabilities. Though it is said that the virtual assistant doesn't have the ability to respond to a wide range of questions yet, users can expect a lot more from BlackBerry in the future with regards to built-in intelligence.

Earlier, Blackberry had launched the a limited gold edition for the BlackBerry Passport which costs $899 in the US. Another company called Goldgenie is also offering luxury customization of the Passport and that will cost a tidy sum of £1,247.50, or $2,020.

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