BlackBerry 10.1 update to bring HDR, better text selection and more

BlackBerry recently released the BlackBerry 10.1 SDK and now we are hearing about the improvements the update will bring.

BlackBerry recently released the BlackBerry 10.1C SDK OS to developers to give them an early taste of what’s coming and also get them to make changes to core apps to utilise any improvements.

And now we are hearing from those who have tested the update about what improvements the Canadian smartphone pioneers have made to BlackBerry 10, the new OS that the company launched in January. Some of the changes were known to be coming with the 10.1 update, but the forums at CrackBerry have been swarming with members posting what has changed from the old OS.

Shutterbugs will be happy to note that the 10.1 update will bring HDR option for taking stills. This should vastly improve the camera experience on the BlackBerry Z10, which already has the neat Time Shift feature.

 BlackBerry 10.1 update to bring HDR, better text selection and more

The 10.1 update will bring a number of updates


BlackBerry has also introduced some changes in the text selection of the OS. The text picker tool has been improved and now users have an easier way to control it between letters. Pasting of phone numbers directly into the dialer app has also been enabled.

In the communication department, BlackBerry has introduced a ton of changes. PIN to PIN messaging is now enabled in the BlackBerry Hub, so you can send messages outside of BBM. Users can now "select all" for broadcast messages in the BBM app.

The 10.1 update will also bring granular control over notifications and alerts, with users having the ability to turn off alerts for specific applications

The BlackBerry World app storefront has also been revamped. It is reportedly easier to check for updates in BlackBerry World now; installed apps can be opened from within BB World app. The store also has options to redeem coupons, something that will no doubt be an incentive for users.

In addition to these changes, phones running the 10.1 update can be fully unlocked by hitting the power button on the lock screen. The company has also included new demos and walkthroughs for those new to the platform. The sharing menu has also been spruced up with a few cosmetic changes. In the connectivity department, users can edit APNs now and change the settings depending on their carrier.

The 10.1C SDK is meant only to be used by developers and isn’t considered stable enough for everyday consumers. The SDK will be available for devices through their own autoloaders.

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