Bill Gates has switched to Android with 'a lot of Microsoft software'; still not interested in the iPhone

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Microsoft co-founder and board member Bill Gates has switched to Android. The famous tech figure clarified in a statement to Fox News Sunday that he has started using Android and the phone has ‘a lot of Microsoft software’.

Bill Gates joins Instagram. Reuters.

He was giving an interview to the news organisation to share his thoughts on Steve Jobs and the latest iPhone that Apple recently launched.

Gates admitted about that fact that Jobs was a ‘genius’ and he is glad how Apple has continued to innovate after Job’s demise. However, he clarified that he was still not interested in the iPhone. This is not the first time where Jobs has expressed his disinterest in iOS-powered devices. As pointed by The Verge, Gates banned iPhones and iPods from his household in the past. It is ironic that he is not using a Windows Phone-powered device but considering the ‘orphaned’ stated of the operating system as stated by The Register, we can understand the switch.

According to the report by The Register, Gates was one of the first ones to foresee the threat that smartphones posed to Microsoft. During the early days of now-defunct Symbian OS, he sent two memos to the Microsoft staff outlining the ‘mortal threat’ that Microsoft faced.

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