Battlefield Bad Company 2 Multiplayer Tips

Here are a few basic multiplayer tips that can help you from getting slaughtered on the battlefield.

This article may seem a bit ironic considering I just vented my heart out against Battlefield Bad Company 2 (BFBC2) earlier on in the week but there’s no denying the fact that once you get past the many, MANY screw ups, there is a robust class-based multiplayer game waiting for you.

As with any game of that magnitude comes a pretty steep learning curve. This is pretty much the case with most Battlefield games where the usual run and gun style of gameplay won’t work too well for you. If you find yourself getting owned mercilessly here are a few basic tips that could turn the tides in your favor.

Make sure you’re part of a squad

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Multiplayer Tips

BFBC2 is all about team work so you can’t just go around racking up kills lone wolf style like you would in Modern Warfare 2. You have to work together as a team which also means communicating with your team so make sure you have a mic.


Spotting enemies (Q by default on the PC version) brings them up temporarily on your mini map via a triangle icon by which not only your squad but your entire team gets to see their position. I can’t stress the importance of spotting in a game like BFBC2 where at times you really don’t know where you’re being shot from.

Start off as a medic

BFBC2 can be a brutal to newcomers and dying over and over again just isn’t fun. What you need to do is start off as a medic since that is pretty much the easiest class to get the hang of. Initially you won’t be able to revive your comrades but once you unlock the defibrillator you’ll be racking up points like there’s no tomorrow.

The Recon Class should not be confused with the Assault Class

The Recon class in BFBC2 is the closest you’ll get to being stealthy especially since you can blend into the shrubbery courtesy of their ghillie suit. Use your sniper rifles to spot enemies from a distance and don’t go running into the battlefield armed with nothing but your pistol. You will die really fast.

Gravity plays a big factor in the game
Unlike certain games where bullets travel in a straight line for miles on end the bullets in BFBC2 are governed by gravity. This isn’t much of a problem during close quarter combat but make sure you keep that in mind while sniping or gunning for distant targets.

Structures don’t last forever

In BFBC2 pretty much every structure barring a few is destructible so don’t think taking cover behind that concrete wall will save your life. One well aimed shot from a tank or a rocket is all it takes to blast down the wall - and your face. Add in a few more shots and an entire structure can get leveled in minutes so make sure you’re always on the move.
Keep an eye out on your tickets

In all BFBC2 modes, tickets are extremely important for the attackers as when those tickets hit zero your team loses the round. While I’m not advising you to camp an entire round make sure you don’t go around running like a mad man getting killed and losing tickets in the bargain. Play sensibly.

Play Smart
Joining a squad means you can spawn on them but make sure you survey the situation before spawning. Spawning in the middle of a heavy battle can be extremely disorienting and getting yourself killed immediately won’t benefit your squad or your team.

Don’t ignore vehicles

I know a lot of people who’re fond of infantry combat but in a game like this, running around on foot will get you killed real fast especially when you come face to face with an Abram tank. Start using those vehicles ASAP as racking up kills in them will allow you to unlock newer perks for those vehicles like stronger armor etc.

Bullets don’t harm tanks

I’ve come across tons of people unloading clip after clip into a tank only to be blown apart in seconds. Bullets will not harm tanks people. You either run like the wind when you see one (but make sure you spot it first) or spawn as an Engineer class and try taking it out with your rocket launcher. What you can also do as an Assault class is to take out the engineer healing the tank making it easier for your teammates to annihilate it.

Tanks won’t last forever
Sure you’re in a metal behemoth blasting fools with reckless abandon but you can be destroyed by a well timed rocket or an anti-tank mine. Make sure you have a gunner in with you all times who can cut down fast moving targets before they get too close for comfort.

Don’t get too greedy for Knife kills

Yeah I know knifing someone in this game can be extremely satisfying with his dog tag popping up on your screen and all but don’t let that make you forget your responsibility to your team mates. I’ve seen guys try and knife enemies while those enemies are killing their teammates. Bullets travel faster and if you weren’t such a greedy bastard you would have saved your teammate.

Now keep in mind this is not a definitive guide to the game; it's just a few basic tips that can ease the frustration if you're continuously getting owned on the battlefield. To truly master the game you're just gonna have to play it till your fingers bleed so get out there and practice.

PS: If there are any PC players out there add me up. Soldier tag Nashb81.

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