Battlefield 3 (PC) leaked online

PC version of Battlefield 3 leaked on Torrents.

Battlefield 3 is just about a week away from release but that hasn’t stopped the PC version from being leaked online. According to the Battlefield 3 blog, the PC version of Battlefield 3 has been leaked on Torrents by what we can only assume is a Russian retailer since the game’s in Russian. The leaked copy weighs in at around 10 GB and only allows players to experience the single player campaign after they apply the crack that’s required to bypass both Origin and Battlelog.

Battlefield 3 (PC) leaked online

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Piracy is one of the main reasons developers release the PC versions of their games nearly a month after the Xbox360 and PS3 copies hit the market. In recent times this has happened with the PC ports of Batman: Arkham City as well as Assassin’s Creed Revelations, both of which will only be available nearly a month after their console brethren release.

While neither EA nor DICE can really do anything to curb piracy we hope you, the customers stay away from this leaked version and wait for just seven days to get your hands on this game. Battlefield 3 will release on the Xbox360, PS3 and PC by the 25th of October 2011.