2.0 Features Uncovered has the scoop on what features 2.0 is sure to have...

The guys at have dug up all the stuff Blizzard execs have let slip up about 2.0 – Blizzard’s upcoming revamped matchmaking platform - that they’ve been (or rather tried to be) so tight-lipped about. Here’s a small list of features that, according to them, will be included… 2.0 Features Uncovered

Any quote from Blizzard clearly states that while they won't talk much about 2.0, we will be blown away or be very impressed. It's a given that all current features for will be included - and improved! Blizzard has said they have learned a lot from WoW on infrastructure, and features from WoW will definitely also be seen.

So Battlenet 2.0 WILL feature


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